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Basically, I set this webpage up because I needed to get a webpage for this project for this teacher-training course I did during 1998-99. Also in order to having a launching pad for jpeg files for use on messageboards and the like. And for use as a portable bookmark file (see all the links below)which is what I mainly use it for these days.

Welcome if you've just joined from the Boys in Makeup Webring. How d'you like the beautiful photo of me in the background? I say you should all e-mail the lovely Fee Warner and tell her what a brilliant photographer she is. I used to use a really silly one of me playing a toy drumkit. You can see that one in the picture file, along with other images of me, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous!

To be honest, though, if you're not interested in the lovely pictures of moi, then there's not a lot of point in anyone else being on this index page. Truth be told, this part of the shop was largely created for my own benefit (the links etc). But welcome anyway.

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